Peterborough City Council

Since 1998, Peterborough has been a single, unitary Local Authority. Peterborough City Council therefore has control of all the services and functions normally fulfilled by a combination of district and county councils. This shortens and clarifies the decision making processes allowing more transparency and greater accountability.

Following May 2016’s local elections Peterborough City Council is now in Conservative control with Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Liberals, Werrington First Independents and UKIP also holding council seats.

Employing over 1,400 people, the Council has a strong reputation as a leader of innovation. It is spearheading a massive programme of growth and regeneration across the city.

Relationships with other city services, such as the NHS and the police, are strong with a high level of co-ordination between them to ensure efficient and cohesive working partnerships. The council is committed to ensuring departments and directorates remain agile with a dynamic, positive outlook.