Peterborough is starting its own TV channel based in the Broadway Theatre

Hereward Television, a new TV channel dedicated to Peterborough, will begin broadcasting later this year. Initially the channel will be based on YouTube, before progressing to having its own channel on Freeview.

A number of shows are planned for broadcast, including entertainment, arts, religion, sports, lifestyle, and news. The station will be based in the Broadway Theatre offices, run by a small team and with the help of volunteers. Locality is the central idea of the channel, with local voices discussing local news and issues, as well as national stories.

The channel will also offer training to a wide variety of people, teaching skills such as presenting, writing, coding and video content, which can then be used on the broadcasts.

The station will be directed by Alex Geairns, who has a wealth of experience in the industry, having worked in community radio, and presented for the Sky channel Controversial TV.

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