A Green Peterborough

While it may be a small city, Peterborough has big ambitions to become the UK’s Environmental Capital.

We believe the city has real potential to achieve this target and form a more sustainable city for our residents. We want to lead the way by creating a city with a thriving local economy and sustainable living to ensure our population is healthy, happy and prosperous.

Peterborough has the necessary ingredients to create such a city, though there is some work to do before this can be realised. Currently, the average Peterborian and British citizen uses three times more resource than can be sustained so, we aim to reduce this and live within our means by 2050.

To achieve this, we have Environmental Action Plans for the City and the City Council and have identified 10 main areas to target which are Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Materials, Local and Sustainable Food, Sustainable Water, Land Use and Wildlife, Culture and Heritage, Equity and Local Economy and Health and Wellbeing.

There are some measures already in place such as Share Peterborough, which is an online platform to help businesses use and access underutilised resources, and Forest Peterborough, which has already planted 8,000 trees. Not to forget the Peterborough Food Bank, which has distributed 2,000 tonnes of food so far.

To find out more about Peterborough’s green city aims and initiatives, please visit: